SOIGNé [‘swʌnjeɪ] French for conscientious, meticulous & cared for.



SOIGNé is a hospitality solution for service businesses & non-profit organisations.

Founded by Ilanit Bard, former Lûmé’s General Manager. 

Soigné was born from the desire to help fellow hospitality business founders  & workers.

As a customer how often do you experience low quality/unprofessional service?

Customer service & experience, in general, is underrated. It is hardly teachable and comes in so many forms and colours.
However, it represents your entire business’s ethos.

Your customer service & style of service should have the same importance as your menu or your beverage list.

At SOiGNé, we assist professionals in entering this industry develop the right knowledge and mindset, regardless of being a waiter, manager, cook, chef and kitchen porter of tomorrow.

For owners & management team, we know how lonely and intractable it can be trying to figure everything out.



A restaurant isn’t just a place to eat and drink anymore. Your customers expect more than that. Restaurant protagonists must adapt and fast.




Together let’s refine the hospitality industry.



"I host like a Jewish mother with the French sophistication" 

She grew up around a large dining table, with a lot of sisters and guests at home. Hospitality is a family value before a career path. She questions systematically the status quo of the Hospitality Industry.

Arrived from France at 26, she quit her corporate travel industry job to explore the under down.
She began her hospitality career as a kitchen porter at Bistro Guillaume in Crown Casino.

Her eclectic journey in hospitality spans from traditional French restaurants (Bistro Guillaume & Le Bergerac) to Italian trattoria (Bottega) by large function venue (Peter Rowland), bakery (Cavallini) and LGBT wine bar (The Moat). 

SOIGNé is the synergy of Ilanit 12 years experience in the service industry around Australia & France.

She is a storyteller in an apron that never stops sharpening her talents: Books, podcasts, workshops, E V E R Y D A Y all year around.




Her motto: play hard, nap harder